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Note: The game requires java 14 or later to be installed to run. Additionally text-to-speech is not available unless Espeak is installed and on the path


Quinzical is a quiz game designed to provide an encouraging and engaging learning experience for young adults seeking knowledge about New Zealand. The application allows users to explore a variety of topics and facilitates their familiarisation with New Zealand culture. A further aim of the Quinzical experience is the instilling of respect for the Māori language.

Quinzical’s main mode of play, the game mode, takes inspiration from Jeopardy in its design. It features a game board which has an array of questions which may be answered. Clicking on a question will allow the user to have a shot at answering the question and winning points.


Game Mode

The game mode tests the user’s knowledge with questions from multiple categories such as geography, history and fauna. Questions are displayed on the game board and the user is given a score based on their answering accuracy and speed. At the end of each game the player is awarded a medal based on their score along with a number of coins that they can spend in the shop.

Answering a question in the main game mode

Practice Mode

In practice mode, users can brush up on their knowledge from a select category of their choice. They can then answer questions with limited attempts without having to worry about scoring.

Multiplayer Mode

In multiplayer, users can compete directly in a live game where the objective is to try to acheive a higher score than the other players. Before they can play multiplayer, users must create an account, which also allows them to save their progress between devices


The shop allows players to spend coins earned from playing either the game mode or multiplayer mode. Coins can be used to purchase cosmetic items for the users avatar to show off their skill.

The shop where players can purchase cosmetic items to equip on their avatar


The game features a built-in help menu that explains the functionality of the game, along with settings that allow the user to adjust sound and graphics settings. In order to support users answering questions with Maori words, macron support is also provided through a popup when a vowel is typed

The settings menu as accessed from the main menu


A selection of screenshots showing different aspects of the game

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