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Course Review

Jun 2021|Web

CourseReview is an online platform for university students to share reviews for university courses theyve taken with others.

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Jun 2020|Applications

A New Zealand trivia game built using Java and JavaFX. It was created to educate a younger audience about New Zealand through a fun and interactive platform.

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August 2020|Web

A digital recipe book app that lets users create and save digital recipes in a social network

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Festive Turbine

Dec 2017|Level Design

A custom Team Fortress 2 map, done as a redesign of an existing map in a holiday theme which was featured in the 2017 christmas community showcase.

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Oct 2017|Level Design

A custom map designed for Team Fortress 2, utilising the under-appreciated arena mode and created for halloween 2017

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July 2017|Level Design

Custom map for Team Fortress 2

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